Resource Outsourcing On Hourly Model


Hourly model is a type of engagement model wherein you as a client can hire our resources on the basis of fixed hours to work on your development project.

Here the work is done based on an hourly pay rate that has been agreed upon. The rate would be inclusive of all the resources working on your project and hence ensures full dedication of the team.

The hourly model offers a series of benefits that fixed rate doesn’t touch upon. One advantage of adopting this approach is that it provides and establishes a clear link among particular tasks and the related rate quoted.

Fixed price contracts are most suitable for long term projects and those that have a high value to the outsourcing organization.

When the billing is done on the basis of time, you can control the entire time slot and choose to get work done as per priority ensuing guaranteed work that is rich in quality.

You can track and gauge the task completion and observe how each hour is spent which results in guaranteed quality work. Hourly model presents the best opportunity for you to gauge the effectiveness of the project and review the performance of the team.